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Our business is built on customer satisfaction.

Serving the Coin Laundry Industry since 1952,Vend-Rite manufacturers the largest selection of the most reliable soap venders available today.

Your success is our business.

Our Products are customer convenience items that add profits to your bottom line. Many of these items are purchase on a repeat basis extending your profit per customer every time they use your laundry.

Our product line is available thru a distribution network that serves the Coin Laundry and Multi-Housing laundry Industries. Both laundry equipment and laundry supply distributors stock, sell and service Vend-Rite Soap Venders. Supply Houses also sell our Plastic Bags and OxiClean, the multi-purpose stain remover.

For a list of the distributors nearest you please go to our Distributor Page and enter your Zip Code.

Other products include Plastic Bag Venders that are FREE with the opening order of bags, Coin vend plastic laundry bags, Coin vend OxiClean, the Multi-Purpose stain remover, Security guards for soap venders and coin changers, Drop Off laundry bagging systems, Coin Laundry Signage, Equipment Identification Numbers and Pricing decals for coin laundries and laundry rooms.

We pride ourselves on the ability to ship products you need, when you need them. Our high inventory levels allow us to process and ship UPS orders within 3 working days, LTL orders are shipped within 5 working days.

Vend-Rite is a member in good standing with the Coin Laundry Association (CLA) and the Multi-Housing Laundry Association (MLA).

Company History

In 1948 Vend-Rite Manufacturing created the Kleenex tissue vender. These venders sold a pocket pack of tissues for 5. Since that time we have produced venders to dispense batteries, note paper, pencils, hot chocolate, soup, crackers, personal hygiene items, panty hose, candy, laundry products and plastic bags.

In 1953 Procter & Gamble contracted Vend-Rite to build the
first "TIDE" vender. Back then a box of "TIDE" sold for 10.

For over fifty years Vend-Rite's focus has been to provide the Coin Laundry Industry with the very best in Vending Equipment. During that time we have built, redesigned and created more new venders to meet the changing needs of the Coin Laundry Industry than anyone.

Our Goal, Complete Customer Satisfaction, begins with offering the widest selection of venders to choose from, to inventory levels that allow us to ship product within 48 hours or less of receiving the order, and is backed by technical customer service that can trouble shoot and provide solutions to your needs over the phone.

Vend Right with Vend-Rite carries with it the vision of the company's founder, Mr. R.J. (Dick) Tennes. "This is not just a catchy phrase; it's a way of doing business, a commitment to your vending needs"."I believe that vision is still alive in every vender we've produced, and will continue to be in all the venders to come" Vince Hansen President.

We invite you to look around our site and those of the links we provide. We welcome your questions and comments. Your success is our future.


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