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10″×12″ Durable Screen Printed Plastic Laundry Sign

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10″ X 12″ sign, blue imprint on white high impact plastic. These attractive & informative signs make your job easier. This economical signage is made from durable high impact plastic and professionally screen printed, The blue letters will not chip or peel.


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Available Messages

  • Please do not allow children to play with laundry carts
  • In case of equipment failure, please use an out of order card
  • Please do not overload the machines
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Thank you for doing your laundry with us
  • Please do not take laundry carts outside
  • Absolutely no dyeing of clothes permitted
  • Do not put rubber or plastic articles in dryers
  • No smoking on or around folding tables
  • Please do not sit on folding tables or washing machines
  • Please, no food or drinks on or around folding tables
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn on premises
  • Please do not wash rugs in top loaders
  • In case of emergency, call
  • Please do not wash blankets in top loaders
  • Please do not wash or dry rugs with rubber backing
  • Please remove your laundry as soon as machine finishes
  • Notice: the coin changer is for customer use only
  • Last wash
  • Please empty pockets before using machines
  • Notice: dryers are for wash customers only

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Dimensions 10 × 12 in

English, Spanish