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Real-Tuff #1500 Laundry Bags

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The original vended laundry bag — reusable, durable, reliable, and practical.

Dispenser‐designed boxes are ideal for laundromats, student dorms, apartments, and campgrounds. These reusable bags have many uses.

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Real -Tuff ® Reusable vended laundry bag is packed in our proprietary sized package designed to be vended from Vend-Rite’s bag vender.

The #1500 Real-Tuff® reusable laundry bag has been designed to be tough enough to handle your weekly laundry needs and versatile enough to handle many other uses. Vend-Rite’s Real-Tuff® brand laundry bag has been number one choice of Coin laundry owners and customers alike for over 60 years.

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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 14.75 × 14.375 × 10.75 in