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Fluff & Fold Starter Kit – Rolled Bags

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The Fluff & Fold Starter Kit contains just about everything you would need to get into the drop-off business.

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The Fluff & Fold Starter Kit contains just about everything you would need to get into the drop-off business.

  • A general guideline provides a list of ideas to consider when starting this service from advertising and accounting to operating and customer relations.
  • The 902 medium rolled bag is perfect for small loads and the 903 is perfect for medium to large loads of drop off laundry. These Rolled bags have a “Thank you for your Patronage” message printed in Blue, side gussets, a flat bottom seal and air vents. Each roll contains 500 bags, comes in a white self dispensing box that fits neatly under the counter and includes twist ties to secure the top of the bags.
  • The Liberty 402 three part tickets are packed 250 to a pack and make record keeping a snap. Write up the order, give a copy to the customer, put a copy with the log book and leave a copy with the clothes. We provide a laundry control worksheet to show an easy method of keeping track of all the money spent and money received per ticket.
  • There are 250 advertising handouts that can be given to existing laundry customers, mailed, put on car windshield or distributed door to door. You can even use it as a print ad in a local paper.
  • In the kit signage package, you will receive two of the 4 minute posters which are blue with a red clock showing 4 minutes elapsed. “Two minutes to drop it off, two minutes to pick it up.” What a time saver for the customer. An hours sign that adheres to the window and has numbers to display your hours of operation, a wall sign that shows what you charge per pound for the service and two decals with catchy phrases are also included.
  • Also in the kit are some washer/dryer identification numbers to help identify what washer your customer’s laundry is in and four color coated magnet strips for color coding orders.
  • Last but not least, we provide a two pocket attendant apron that has the red clock logo and the “4 minute” slogan to promote the service.

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 11 in