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Vision ES Satellite Unit

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To increase the overall capacity and selections of the Vision vender, the Vision ES (extra selections) is the perfect solution. The ES uses the payment systems and programming from the main vending unit.

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The master vending machine, Vision or CU (control unit) will allow programming of the following features; cash – credit management, selection and configuration programming, pricing, torque and speed of the motors, lights, self-diagnostics, and vend detection by photocells sensors on the elevator.

Up to 6 fully flexible shelves for maximum capacity

The tray can hold up to 10 channels (selections)

The large SmartVend elevator delivery system guarantees a product vends and eliminates drop damage, of even really big items like a 75oz bottle of detergent or a 16″ hanger

When equipped with an optional compressor you can vend soda, water, candy, snacks, sandwiches, oranges, apples, yogurt or even a 1/2 gallon of milk

Combines with a Vision vender or the Vision TAOS CU unit to accept coins, dollar bills or credit card payments

Technical Features

  • High-security lock with three (3) point locking bar
  • Injected foam provides insulation and cabinet strength, lowers power consumption, increases cooling efficiencies
  • Anti-corrosive and anti-oxidation cabinet material

Additional information

Weight 750 lbs
Dimensions 36.5 × 31.5 × 72 in